A lot of people will loose their job because of Penguin 2.0

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With Google penguin 2 update a lot of people will lose their job or already have. We all receive spam emails everyday from India, China etc. offering us supreme SEO services. All these people will lost their jobs. I mean I receive thousand of emails offering SEO services from India. 

These people need something to survive. I know that the spam SEO is dead. What comes next is a battle of content. Google started measuring the duration of each visitor on our website, how long the person stays on the website, when he returns to Google homepage, or press the back button immediately after he comes to our website. 

The days of spamming our sites are gone. This is a good thing on one hand and very bad on the other. You see competition will start building spam links to your website to wipe it out from Google index. This would be really easy. Just using the spam programs you will be able to erase competition websites and this is going to be a big problem. I think that Google made a big mistake by judging websites based on their incoming links. A lot of good websites were wiped out or they loose their rankings. 

Now everybody is going to panic about the content writing, people will higher Content writers who are able to attract and keep visitor on your website. I think this is a good niche for all the teachers, who lost their job, people with good writing skills etc. 

This was a major shift in SEO. Let's hope for a better future that the real important websites will be ranking at the top of Google results and not new spammy websites with no real content value. I think Matt Cutts is overconfident and for sure this time he made a lot of mistakes and punished websites who did not deserve to be punished. 

Now it is bad to have incoming links containing anchor text with main keywords that were rank for. I mean it is insanity. I suggest you go social, forget about building links and focus on Content writing, Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. 

it's time to spend a lot of money on Content writers

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