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Ultimate footprint collection for .edu one way links

This is the list that works. You just copy and paste each line into browser's url box.

Let's examine their first example: "forums register". This means that the Google will display only websites with .edu domains that contain a word forums register. That means that we're targeting forums, where we can register, to get back links, and we only want domains, that end with .edu.
So this is a huge list of all the footprints that I'm using, and stop saying that getting .edu link is hard.

Getting Oneway Links With 301 Redirect


Here is a method to get some one-way backlinks that works pretty well. You need to get a secondary site. Set up something simple and contact other webmasters to trade links (reciprocal links). It can be from a different niche. Put all the links ********, it doesn 't matter.

After a few reciprocal links (10~30) we need to redirect our secondary site to our main site. We will use a 301 redirect. But we will only redirect search engines, not normal users. This way you can continue with the reciprocal links and the other webmasters will not remove the backlinks.