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Winamp Is Trying To Become Itunes


This is funny, I just downloaded the new Winamp and it rocks!!!! It is very similar to Itunes when you open it up, it has 1 new skin in two different sizes. It downloads music album art like Itunes does, it pops up above the tray when the next song starts and fades out after that. 

It looks cool, very cool, it used to be rigid and old. Now it is fresh and looks good. But why does Apple always have to invent everything and than other products become copies?? 

Stumble Upon And Cheap PPC Traffic

 I have just heard news from some of my friends and the new big thing is PPC from social marketing sites. For example Stumble Upon is a well known site and it does not use nofollow tags for links so it can pass link juice. But that is another story. 

Well their paid advertising program can be found here:


JoomlaFCK WYSIWYG Joomla Editor Review

JoomlaFCK WYSIWYG Joomla Editor Review

I just installed this 1 hour ago and it is a blast. I used to have JCE editor for Joomla and it was Buggy as hell. I used one can of bugbuster per day. SO fuck it. I switched to this plugin.

You only have to install one file and it is free. With JCE you had to install 3 files or more and it still did not work. This one is really good.

Robots.txt Ultimate How To Tutorial

Robots.txt is a simple file in the root of your ftp server telling server bots (spiders - Google bot, Yahoo bot, Msn bot) what to do. You can easily tell them which part of your website you don't want to get indexed.

What are robots - spiders?

robots.txtThey are simple search engines "executives" who fetches the website content for storing it in search engine index (servers).

$$$$$ Photoshop Retouching Jewelry Diamonds, Gold Services $$$$$$


Diamond Gold Jewelry Retouching

Here are some samples of our work. As you can see each item is carefully cut out, sharpened, color adjusted. Contact us if you need our services. We can give you a special deal.

If a new picture opens up after you click on gallery please click again. The Gallery should open in Slimbox style.

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Review of Drupal Alinks Module

Drupal Alinks Module

I use this module all the time. It is one of the best for
automatically generating links from keywords. 

It can be found here

What I like about it is that you can set it how many time
will the link generate itself per page. You can set it up for example 3 times
and on that page each time the keyword appears it will generate a link to
another page with from that keyword. 

You can set it up to be case insensitive or not.

What Are The Essential Components, Add-ons For Joomla 1.013

Joomla is my favourit CMS. The new era is gonna happen soon, because Joomla 1.5 is coming out soon. I have helped the core team to fix some bugs, and just today the final RC4 1.5 Joomla came out.

I have tested Joomla 1.5 on some of my sites and it is super fast. They really have done some major code tweaking. I have only big hope for Joomla.

So I still use 1.013 version of the stable non 1.5 Joomla till the 1.5 Joomla come out.

So I will write down the necessary core addons that I recommend using to have Joomla work the way you want it to work.

Why Wikipedia Ranks So Well

Wikipedia Ranking Phenomena

Wikipedia is slowly going
to rank for all the major terms on internet. It is so popular that
everybody is lining to its content. That is the reason why Wikipedia
ranks so good for all the keywords. I am calling a Wikipedia Phenomena.

ON daily basis it get thousands and thousand incoming links
from other sites that are pointing to Wikipedia content. So ranking
good in Google mainly depends on good incoming links with anchor
keyword text.

Pay Per Click In London, My Personal Experience With London Pay Per Click


PPC - Pay Per Click Campaigns

I have recently returned from London. I visited some of the search engine optimization seminars in London, and it was great. Till then I was a pure SEO, but in London something clicked. I talked with so many different managers SEM experts and SEO in London barely exists.

They are all doing PPC, can you imagine that!!!!!