Angela Edwards's high PR backlinks for free PR7, PR8, PR9

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This woman charges subscriptions every month and she gives tips where to get high PR backlinks, basically you don’t have to pay nothing, you just need to check all her backlinks. She gets some really nifty high PR backlinks. So it is worth your time.

Do the following steps

Step 1: select an article Angela Edwards wrote, e.g. on ezinearticles
Step 2: enter that URL into, yahoo backlinks, Seo Elite…..
Step 3: harvest what you seed

For example:

Step 1: select
Step 2: see all the backlinks shown with, or yahoo backlinks
Step 3: identify a few good ones: PR8, PR7, PR6, PR6, PR8, PR7, PR7, PR6, PR7, PR6

This is easy stuff, you need to get somebody who will do the posts though. Most if these links are comments, both follow and nofollow.



basically you don’t have to pay nothing, you just need to check all her backlinks. Sorry. I'm a little confused, by the double negative. The wroter stated that: "You don't have to pay nothing". Surely then, if one doesn't have to pay nothing, then one would have to pay something? Trying to learn correct English is so difficult. Yuri

Sorry, english is not my first language

Angela's package has been beneficial to me so far, i do the links myself and it usually takes me about 2 hours to get them all done. it's a great value. Wedding Speech

Angela, can I test your services? Can you give me a free trial and I will do a detailed report here on my site

I heard Angela back links were great. You're smart to get Angela's back links easy and free.

Thank you so much! what a great idea!

Thank you! a great idea

that's a good tip ! Thx

Search for "angelae8654", create profiles on the shown sites and insert your URL. (Didn't found that one here)

thanks for the tip, will be using this for my site Ok !

The downside is that most webmasters delete the backlinks. I don't know how many subscribers Angela have, but if thousands, maybe even tens of thousands are going to those websites. The webmaster will think he is under some kinda attack and will take measures. autoverzekering afsluiten

A great tip indeed.....

These links are a waste of time and money.

It's actually just a waste because the profiles are often ignored by search engines and a lot of webmasters will delete the profiles since they're just spam.

Hey good list i will sure select all of them.

I agree that "the profiles are often ignored by search engines and a lot of webmasters". Try to be helpful on the forums...

It ever amazes me about people like you. Here someone is giving a valuable tip worth money. She makes a small grammatical error and your jump on them . That is really petty.Grow up.

I highly recommend their links they have indeed all the links you want in just a subscription. After harvesting you just have to pick the good ones, really easy and been doing them ever since and works for me.

anyone who purchased the $5 a month? any testimonials? i would like to purchase but having doubts. :-)

great list. high pr backlinks are hard to find and are super useful.

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