Best Adsense Alternative - Beware Of Adbrite

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Briefly I used adbrite ads on my site. The support is just horendous. You get a reply maybe in a week. But that is not the worse thing. People told me that they got trojan warnings after they visited my site. And that the full page ads from adbrite are just messing up their browser. 

For a well known company Adbrite to act this way, is a very stupid move. They don't care? Maybe they got too many customers. 

I suggest you stop using this lousy company. 


I am using Chitika on my blog since 3 or 4 months but there is no “clicks” happend since then. I think this belongs to the traffic on my webiste. There is no so much traffic on my blog. can you please tell me if there is another method to get clicks on ads and how can I get more traffic to my website within 2 months. Keep blogging…

Everything else is garbage, the pay too low.....I tried other systems beside adsense, the payment is really disappointing.

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