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Here are the facts about Craigslist posting and account creation.

So here we go…..

1. Flagging CL ads

Are your Craigslist constanly flagged? People often think that their ads are flagged because of IP address or their Craiglist account.

The truth is that Craigslist Users flag Ads, not CL itself. Your ads are flagged for one of the reasons.

A. You are posting spam Ads. You might post same Ads to frequently or the reason might be posting location.

B. Your competitors that are selling similar products are flagging your Ads. They will simply flag your Ads and remove competition.

2. CL Ads Ghosting

This might be a huge problem, you think your Ads appeared on CL but they are in fact ghosted. People blame their IP address, CL accounts. From my experience your Ads are ghosted if you post from Europe to American section of CL. But usually this happens because of Ads content.

Content in your Craigslist Ad is causing the CL filters to ghost your Ad. So you shoud simply try different content, rinse and repeat until you find the solution. Change suspicious words in your title and body until your Ad sticks.

Try not to use words or urls that might be associated with spam Ads.

3. Craigslist Account suspension

Is your PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS suspended? The most common reasons for ads suspension are not accepting posting guidelines.

You have to make your posts using unique IP address for each post. To do this you can either use dial up, reset your dynamic IP (restart computer), hijack wireless from other people, use a wireless air card or pay for proxies. Any of those methods will work, so use whatever suits you the best.

Now that you have solved the IP issue you will need to make sure that you are not posting more than 1 Craigslist Ad per 24 hours per IP. This is if you are using PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. Non-PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS posting can sustain anywhere from one to roughly six or seven posts per day without running too high of a risk of getting blacklisted/blocked.

I repeat: If you want your accounts to last, post 1 AD per 24 hours per account each with a unique IP address.

4. IP address issues

1. If you post too many ADs from one IP address PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS or non-PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS; your IP address will be blocked from using CL without having a PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS for every post. People call this the soft block, as you are not really blocked... just restricted to having to use a PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS for everything (good for my business, lol).

So how many posts does it take to get banned? 10 posts per day from same IP might get your accound blocked.

2. When posting with a PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS make certain to post 1 AD per IP per 24 hours. PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTSs require much more strict posting guidelines than do NON-PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS posts.

3. When creating accounts you need not worry about matching IP's, phones and posting locations. As I have previously mentioned; one can use a San Diego IP Address, make their PHONE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS with a New York phone number and post ADs in Las Vegas CL. There is no GEO matching for this stuff... not yet at least. The only geo ip filtering is done on a country of origin level.

Roger out …..

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