Drupal Ubercart Ultimate DVD Guide

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Ultimate Drupal Ubercart DVD Guide is available

We are proud to present new Drupal & Ubercart Complete DVD Guide. Learn how to make a shop without paying a nickel to your designer.

Over 3 hours of content. You will be able to build a fully functional UBERCART DRUPAL 6 E-COMMERCE STORE. You will be able to build an advanced ubercart store.

Not a simple store, it will have many customization, for example:

  1. different roles (retail, wholesale, special roles, premium buyers.....),
  2. different prices per role (for example wholesale users can see different prices then retail users)
  3. applying for different roles (users can apply for wholesale)
  4. importing your products from excel
  5. advanced tips on excel, how to sort data in excel before import (commands like vlookup...........)
  6. bulk updating of prices
  7. mysql bulk update (commands you can use to update tables, rows on the fly)
  8. importing, exporting mysql database
  9. all ubercart features explained in full detail
  10. over 30 modules completely described (how to use them, how to install them, how to do a setup)
  11. different payment, UPS explained, flat rate explained, Paypal explained
  12. how to setup tax, how to exclude roles from taxes, how to charge taxes only to specific states, set different taxes for different states
  13. how to check invoices
  14. theming, theming product pages, product display
  15. and more

Why would you want to buy our DVD?

There is not complete tutorial for Ubercart available. This tutorial is a complete package, with every little detail that you will need for building a site. Usually tutorials only cover few details, and you need to reaserch for additional info on the web. That takes time. With our DVD you will be able to finish the site in few days.

We will spoon fed you all the knowledge that you need. You don't need to be an expert of even advanced user in Drupal or Ubercart. In fact you can be a total beginner in Ubercart.

Why we chose Ubercart?

Because it is very flexible system. You get a perfect SEO optimized site with Ubercart. Drupal allows you to do anything you want. There is a huge community of Drupalers and Ubercarters. Your site will be amazing, secure and FAST.




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