How To Post Ads On Craigslist And Not Get Deleted Or Banned

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Here are some of my rules I am using when posting to Craigslist.

First of all what is Craigslist:
  • Craigslist is one of the most popular sites in the world with a huge database of different topics, from jobs, cars, love connections, housing, resumes.
  • Craigslist is very very popular that is why it is often a target of spammers.
  • Craigslist has each month over 10 million new posted Craigslist ads and that is why it is said to be in top 30 of most visited sites in the world.
  • is a daily spammer target zone, they try everything to post as many ads as possible per day on Craigslist to different cities, because usually Craigslist community is very responsive to your ads.

Craigslist is constantly updated by their own programmers to detect any kind of behavior that is breaking Craigslist TOS. Your ads on Craigslist will be deleted if you post several ads to different cities where you don’t live. Craigslist TOS say that you can post only ads in the city where you live. So if you live in Los Angeles you can not post in Craigslist Miami. Well you can but it is not recommended. Usually posters on Craigslist like that are banned or their posts are flagged. Your ip can get banned for few days or permanently if you are repeatedly breaking their rules.

That is why all the automatic programs for Craigslist simply don’t work.

Here are my tips how to post several ads on Craigslist without getting banned:

1. Always se different ip for each Craigslist post. Also use different email for each Craigslist post.
2. Always use different descriptions in Craigslist ads, never repeat the same descriptions. Otherwise your Craigslist post will get flagged.
3. Always change your IP Address after your Craigslist post, that is a must, you have to be able to do that, if not change your internet service provider. You can usually change ips simply by logging off your internet connection and logging in again. You don’t have to restart your pc for that. Foreign IPs on Craigslist will always be detected, so posting in Craigslist USA from Europe is not going to happened, sooner or later you will be tracked down. Posts like these are deleted prior being published. Usually you can post from Europe to Craigslist Asia, of from Uk to Craigslist Germany and vice versa, but posting to Craigslist USA cities is way more strict. So be careful about that. One way to fix this is to use your friend pc in USA and use a windows remote login for posting on Craigslist USA.
4. Ad Titles have to be relevant to categories. You have to also switch your titles when posting several ads. This prevents the post being flaged or deleted so often.
5. Craigslist rules always change but usually you will be fine if you post up to 20 ads per hour. Also have some delay between posts. Like I said before rules always change and Craigslist is getting better and better detecting spam posts.
6. Always select the right category when posting, posting into wrong category will have your ad deleted.
7. Don’t go crazy by posting too many ads in short time. Take a break between posts.
8. Write Craigslist ads that look natural and anti spam. Check other posted ads an mimic them.
9. Never use CSS in your posts
10. Limit your ad to 30000 k size.
11. Don’t use javascript on Craigslist.
12. Don’t use frames or iframes.
13. Use simple small sized images in your ads but never use flash, your posts will never be published.



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Hi, Thanks and great tips. You explained me why my ads always not show up. Thank you very much.

are you plugging your site or asking real questions? :-)

What about using anonymous proxies?

Well if you have some private proxies, but those are expensive, usually most of the proxies ain't working. CL is smart, very smart

I put something in the wrong category. How do I change that from auto to car&trucks by owner

i think you can always edit your post if you register, you have to login in into your account and edit the posts

i am using an ipscrambler and multiple magicjacks for getting registered in a city and posting ads, with unique email addresses. It does ask for phone authentication, and when i go to my account it shows my ads as live, but i don't see the posts on CL. Any idea, why that happens? Riyaz

I have been banned from craigslist. I have tried opening new verified accounts through pay phone with different email accounts. I manually change my ip every time i post. I try to keep my ads different from each other. But my ads get ghosted and craigslist make me reset the account all over again which makes all my effort worthless. It's a waste of time. How can get go back to posting on craigslist? Buying a new computer?

Hey There. DId you resolve your problem. I recent got banned and all my ads are being ghosted. Did buying a new computer solve the issue??

Can a reader flag my ad in Personals? Just because he doesn't like me or has a bad attitude toward me?

yes sure they can, CL has a team of flaggers in the house too

A bellingham resident, S hawn T Hull, has a way of deleting a post or an entire craigslist site instantly and he brags about on craigslist rants & rave. He has taken over at least six r&r threads that I am aware of over the last few years After deleting all other posters, he then posts hundreds of posts on each site and deletes any post from others. Go check this out. His latest seizure is Vancouver Canda r&r. His other takes are Seattle, Bellingham, Skagit, Olympic, Tri Cities and Moses Lake, all in Washington State. Portland and Salem Oregon are his too. You may think there's no way some one can post as fast as he does but he freely admits that he copies and pastes previous posts on all of his sites. And, I've contacted craigslist about this jerk, to no avail. Write me for more info. This may sound like a fairytale but it's real.

I read your post about CL in house flaggers. 90% of my ads that flagged do generate the email notification. I have heard that this is CL flagging.Is this true? And why would they be flagging? Any help would be appreciated.

Have been posting a while... breaking TOS too. Most would call me a spammer but I don't consider myself one. I just post one ad per craig city and delete it when the item is no longer available. A new thing has been happening to me... I am getting deleted post with no email notifications. These happen in groups of 5 or 10 per account. Anyone else have this. P.S. The above CD looks interesting but I can't afford it. cul8r

If you change your IP on your computer is doesn't change anything, the IP address that gets flagged is the IP of your Internet Router, which is always the same until you change your internet provider or house.

That has been happening to me too now. I post my service in each large city and have always had happy clients with no complaints! Now, it seems like I am having groups of my postings entirely deleted and I am unable to repost in many of the cities! Don;t know why!? I have never scammed anyone and have provided a real service to people. Now it seems as though the competition started flagging me and all my posts are being deleted.

I have posted a legit ad trying to sell my Zumba DVD exercise kit and it is constantly being flagged and deleted no matter how or what category its listed in. I noticed that if I leave the word "Zumba" out, it stays up longer. I'd like to know if its a competitor or the Zumba company doing it? I don't want to be banned from craigslist.

I have to say the ebook is great. It shows you how to pass the craigslist filters so you are able to post several ads per day. Jerry M.


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