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I hate spammers!!! Especially IEntry Inc

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Friday, 30 November 2007 14:48
I hate spammers!!! Especially IEntry Inc

I mean enough is enough. This company might be the biggest spammer ever. I get 4 emails from them and at the bottom of each email there is an unsubscribe option, but it does not work.

So I decided to call and apparently the director Susan Coppersmith is not even working there any more.

And she is still listed on the site. I mean these assholes are another level of web spam.

They have a little link at the bottom that say unsubscribe, But that does not work at all.

I mean this is a 21 century spam company. And I never read any of their emails that they are sending. I will never buy from those companies. I mean they are completely ruining the reputation of advertisers.

So I had to call some southern hillbilly and tell him to manually remove me from their email spam list. Wow, I mean I would so happily sue this company and take every dime from them.

I hope somebody did that already. Today I got 4 emails on half of my emails. $, can you imagine that.

Fuck you spammers.
Update on /th of December:
Guess what, I got another 4 emails from Ientry. What a horrible company. THey just earned the name the biggest spammer of the 2007, and my server email apam protection does not recognize them as spammers.
Way to go IEntry. You beg for  bad advertising.
I am sure many others have complained. First you have to change your staff, remove that Hillbilly that can not properly remove me from the subscription list.

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