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Finally, after so many requests our DVD is ready. After you purchase it, you can download it from our site. We packed the DVD with retouching tips, step by step Photoshop instructions. It does not matter if you never opened the Photoshop in your life. You will be able to become expert Jewelry Retoucher. In our videos, we will show you exactly how we do retouching. We will show you all our retouching tricks.

You can be Photoshop beginner or expert. It does not matter. Everybody can become jewelry retouching expert. In videos, we will show you exactly how to retouch your jewelry images, what tools to use, how to remove the background, get the best color, best sharpness ...

Price is only 498 $ per DVD, payment with paypal, contact us if you are interested to buy our DVD. You can start retouching your jewelry images immediately.Why 498$. The retouching secrets that we are giving you, are very valuable. We don't want many people to buy this video. We try to keep our jewelry retouching tips confidential. We are selling only 50 copies.




After the payment you will get the link from our server where you can download the DVD immediately

Jewelry Retouching DVD



Jewelry Retouching DVD Contains Following Lessons

  • VIDEO 1 - Introduction to Photoshop Bridge and how to use it for jewelry retouching – Total time 4min: 36sec
  • VIDEO 2 - Basic jewelry cutout - Removing the background from jewelry – Total time 28min: 36sec
  • VIDEO 3 - Advanced jewelry cutout - More advanced usage of the pen tool and cutting out each part of jewelry– Total time 29min: 9sec
  • VIDEO 4 - Adjusting jewelry colors and using automated Photoshop process – Total time 17min: 18sec
  • VIDEO 5 - Sharpening jewelry and removing imperfections with Photoshop tools – Total time 13min: 46sec
  • VIDEO 6 - Complete retouching process - Photoshop editing retouch of four jewelry pieces (diamond rings and necklaces) – Total time 25min: 44sec
  • VIDEO 7 - Creating reflections in Photoshop and overall final color adjustments – Total time 13min: 37sec
  • VIDEO 8 - Complete retouching process of a diamond ring from start to beggining – Total time 29min: 02sec
  • VIDEO 9 - Complete retouching process of a diamond ring plus how to repair shank– Total time 29min: 58sec
  • VIDEO 10 - How to create realistic artificial sparkle from scratch - Total time 6 min: 56 sec
  • VIDEO 11 - Remove scratches, dust from jewelry stone images in no time - Total time 5 min: 41 sec

Over 3 hours of content on the dvd - Updating and adding content every month

Check our retouching samples here, see what you will be able to do after you buy our DVD

You will learn the following in our video lessons

  • How to prepare images
  • How to use Photoshop Bridge to improve the colors
  • How to remove background fom jewellery
  • How to set the right gold color
  • How to improve the color of white gold, yellow gold, gemstones and jewelry
  • How to sharpen images
  • How to remove imperfections
  • How to use clone tool
  • How to use pen tool
  • How to use levels, colors, curvesm brush.....
  • How to make reflections, shadows
  • How to remove dust and scratches
  • How to create artificial sparkle that looks real

Much more

You will be able to retouch all your images like an expert. All you need is jewelry, good photo camera and Photoshop.

DVD can be yours today, grab it while the promotion lasts.....

Order today.








Jewelry Retouching DVD

After the payment you will get the link from our server where you can download the DVD immediately




It must be a good one. Does it cover all the aspect of Photoshop or only for Jewelry?

only jewelry

you can check our jewelry gallery for samples of our work, DVD explains exactly how to achieve that result

Many costumers really loved this dvd, you should try and purchase it.

Where to buy in Bangkok

Hi Jackson, I had purchased your Jewelry Retouching DVD back in December of 2010 and it is without doubt the best tutorial I have ever watched. I just love it. I was recently on your website to see if you had any updates or additional material pertaining to jewelry retouching and I noticed that you now have a Jewelry Photography DVD. I am wondering since I have already purchased the Retouching DVD that if I were to purchase your Photography DVD could you discount the price for me? I look forward to your response, Mark

This DVD is really amazing! I love it. Ben Jones

I just bought this dvd 1 week ago and I am already retouching my jewelry. I was a total Photoshop newbie. Best DVD on the market period.

Hey Ben. I was interested in hearing about your experience in the program and how much you've benefited from it.... what camera you used etc... and lightbox. please EMAIL me. I thank you in advance for your time. THANK YOU.

Just bought it 1 week ago and it is really professionaly done. You can learn all retouching jewelry techniques in 2 days. I am a photoshop beginner but the DVD is so great, I am able to do a complete retouch of diamond rings and jewelry in no time

This is too costly for indian buyers Can we avail any discount?

I bought this dvd, downloaded it from server, great lessons and hq videos. I learned a lot about jewelry retouching. And the guys @ seoandwebdesign offered great support. They even did a custom video for me, to help me retouched a specific piece, best 500 usd that I have ever spent

I was hesitant to spend so much on the Retouching DVD from because I thought, no tutorial DVD can be worth so much. But boy did it prove me wrong, I've gone from retouching 1 ring in 1 hour to retouching 1 ring in 10 minutes. Trust me, buying Retouching Jewelry DVD is the best decision I ever made.

Got the retouching dvd 3 days ago. I always tried to learn how to retouch jewelry images...Thank you for showing me how to do it. Your skills are really amazing.

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