Keyword Competitive Research In PPC Campaign

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Keyword research is one of the most important elements of any SEO or PPC campaign.

You should carefully choose the most effective keywords, because these keywords will be a vital part of your website , your PPC campaign and many other campaigns.

So how do you select the correct keywords?

Here are some tips:

Select your keywords from your own knowledge of the product or service that you’re marketing. You should be able to select few keywords that characterize your products or services. If you can’t select at least 1 keyword, try to get to know your product or services better.

What keywords would your costumer use to find your product or services? Your costumers will tell you what keywords they think of or use when they are trying to find your product or services. Customers can always give you honest an accurate feedback about keywords.

Check what keywords your competition is using. Carefully observe your competitors’ websites for additional keywords you might use. If they are using these keywords there must be some people using them. Check which keywords have the highest density on the competitors’ pages. These are the keywords you should most probably focus on.

Keyword suggestion tools

Keyword suggestion tool is a vital element of any SEO or PPC campaign. It helps you find additional keywords that you would normally miss. Keyword suggestion tool is giving you a list of keywords based on a keyword that you type into search tool.

Keyword suggestion tools also give you more info about the popularity of each keyword. Few years ago popularity of keywords was measured by typing each keyword in search engine and finding out how many results turned up. Today keyword suggestion tools help you find the popularity much faster.

Here’s how keyword suggestion tool works: first, you put your proposed keywords into a keyword suggestion tool, and keywords suggestion tool checks it’s database that contains millions of instances of keyword usage. With the help of keyword suggestion tool you can quickly find out how many users are conducting daily searches for that keyword, how many of those searches resulted in an actual visit, and what related search terms were used.

There are many different keyword suggestion tools available on the net. But the most popular are:

  • Overture Keyword Selector Tool: Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool shows you number of searches conducted over a given month for a keyword or phrase related to the search term you entered into the keyword selection tool. Overture Keyword Selector Tool can be found here:
  • Wordtracker Keyword Selector Tool: Wordtracker is also a very popular tool. Wordtracker helps you search for keywords or terms in Wordtracker database. Wordtracker tells you how often a keyword or phrase was searched for and how many competition sites are using that keyword. Like Overture, the list of keywords and phrases returned might give you new words or phrases that you missed or haven’t considered using.
  • Wordtracker also gives you a top 1,000 keyword list of the most frequently searched for terms and a Competition Search option that helps you determine the competitiveness of each phrase. This Wordtracker list helps you figuring out how hard it will be to reach a specific rank for a specific search phrase or keyword. Full version of Wordtracker costs you money each month, but you can get a lite free version of Wordtracker at this url address:
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool: Google’s Keyword Tool might be the most popular keyword selection tool. I use it all the time. Google Adwords offers similar options as other tools, but it is free. Additionally it can examine your page or the whole site and gives you keyword suggestions. When you type in a keyword, you get the list of similar keywords, and Google Adwords also tells you how competitive these keywords are. Google Adwords is supposed to be used only for selecting the keywords for your PPC campaign, but you can easily use it for selection your SEO keywords also .

Keywords suggestion tools are not only giving you info on how competitive a keywords is, you’re also checking to see if a keyword or search phrase is popular, and you’re keeping your eyes open for those unexpected keywords that are not highly competitive but are completely relevant to your site.

When you are using keyword suggestion tool you should always check your existing keywords that you are already using on your site. You should find out how competitive these keywords are, how many searches they have in search engines per day. You can find out which keywords are effective and which are not.

The effective keywords are the keywords that bring you visitors and goal conversions. These keywords are the keywords you should hang on to. The keywords that are not performing well should be replaced for better keywords.

Basically your keywords research is an ongoing thing, you should never stop using keywords research tools and checking potential new and existing keywords how well they are performing on your site.

ppc campaign keywords

Here are some more tips on selecting correct keywords:

  • Search the keywords from the point of view of your potential customers.
  • Select as many relevant keywords or phrases as possible.
  • Always monitor your keywords to see which are giving you the most visitors and keyword conversion. Keep the good keywords and ditch the bad keywords.
  • Select keywords and phrases that aren’t the most competitive on the internet, but you should also not choose the least competitive also. Medium competitive words are the keywords you should target without spending a huge budget.

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