Top Five Social Bookmarking Sites That Can Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site

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Every site these days need traffic. Traffic from social bookmarking sites is a great alternative to organic search engine optimization, traffic. Every blogger has a list of their favorite social bookmarking site. You probably have your own list social bookmarking sites.

Using the best social bookmarking sites can save you money and time. Spending time and bookmarking your site on a bad social bookmarking sites is a waste of time and money.

Using the criteria like Google page rank, number of inbound links, Alexa rank, here are the top five social bookmarking sites.



Google PR: 8, Alexa Rank: 284, Inbound links: 267,000,000

Digg is a very popular site. The power of this social bookmarking site is pretty amazing. The to bookmark onDigg are useful tech content, computer articles, mobile phones articles, corporate corruption, etc.



Google PR: 8, Alexa Rank: 457, Inbound links: 43,000,000.

Technorati is my second best choice. It is superb social bookmarking solution where you can actually provide a link to your blog. Order post from your blog can be featured and receive a lot of traffic. What can you post some Technorati? You need a good authority so your posts which the highest degree and the highest traffic. You must build your authority up over time.

Google PR: 8, Alexa Rank: 2,648, Inbound links: 154,000

another great social bookmarking sites. It has grown substantially in the last few years. You can post articles about making money, business, tech, tutorials or lifestyle stores.



Google PR: 8, Alexa Rank: 939, Inbound links: 119,000,000

use StumbleUpon for some time and find out how addicting this site actually is. You can bookmark and review your own content to get more traffic and hits from StumbleUpon. However, only stumble. If you bookmark too much you might get banned.



Google PR: 8, Alexa Rank: 4,815, Inbound links: 3,807,418

Reddit has millions of fans that love to post tech content. You can post politic content, news, science and programming articles.

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