Writing Keyword PPC Ads

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Before you start writing your PPC ads, you should have your keywords list ready. If you use excel sheet you can easily group your keywords by topic.

For example

Group 1 keywords 

  • Hummer car
  • Hummer spare parts
  • Hummer used cars


Group B keywords

  • Used electric guitar
  • Fender guitar amp
  • Gibson Les Paul Guitar
  • Guitar gig

Always divide your keywords into groups because keywords associate with different pages of your website.

Marketing experts claim that using keywords in your PPC advertisements ads can increase your advertisements click through rates as much as 50 %. So choosing the right keywords for your PPC ads is really important.

When writing your PPC ad you should know what you want to achieve with your PPC ad. Do you want visitors to hire you, do you want to sell them your products, do you offer tutoring lessons, or do you want them to sign up for your newsletter or any other service.

This is important to know, because you will use so called call to action in your PPC advertisements. You can write few sentences down and express what you want from your visitors. You don’t have to write few short sentences in this step. That comes later. Just put all your ideas on paper. Remove unnecessary words in this step and move forward with writing your text.

One last thing to consider before you begin writing your PPC ad text is what the immediate benefits of your product or service are. These too, will be used in ad text, so take the time to write out several benefits that you might draw from as you’re writing your ad text.

Once all these steps are completed you can begin writing your PPC ad. Many times when people are writing ads they fail to take into consideration the people they want to reach. Each generation has different communication; they probably use different tone, slang, writing style. So you have to adapt to that target audience with your PPC ads.

For example teens behave much different then grown ups. So if you want to target teens you have to use their language in your ads. So your call to action for your teen audience you target with your PPC ad could be “Get your Ipod and be cool”, For example seniors would no react to that ad. Or an ad for elderly people “Get a cruise for your golden anniversary”

Another ad for teens that you want to sell clothes is “Become a metal head today and be hype”. A slogan for old people would be “Share your precious memories”. Teens don’t react to ads like that.

Write your ads for different groups of people. Don’t target everyone with your PPC ad. You will fail. PPC programs are different so make sure to learn everything about the PPC program you intend to use.

Most PPC programs like Goggle and Yahoo advertising use and algorithm that is combined by the paid amount per click and the ad relevance and how compelling the position of the ad is to the user.

Position of your PPC ad is everything. Google displays PPC ad either on the top or the right side and that depends on how much you pay per click and !! how relevant and compelling your ad is.

If your ad is written well and performs well, you will pay less for the ranking spot that you want or pay the same and get a higher spot in PPC ad list.

Here are some requirements for nearly every PPC program:

  • Use your keywords in your PPC ad text. Remember ads that contain keywords can perform up to 50 percent better than PPC ads without keywords.
  • Make your offer. Tell your potential costumers what you sell or what you have and why they want it. Don’t exaggerate about the benefits of your products or services. Write accurate and compelling PPC ads.
  • Call visitors to action. Research has proven that call to action works. Include your call to action in your PPC ad to motivate your potential buyers or visitors to click on your ad.
  • Include keywords. Put your keywords in the ad title and the body of the ad text. Keywords make your PPC ad relevant and compelling and you get more exposure for a smaller cost per click.
  • Create a sense of urgency. It is used by most of the marketers today and it works extremely well. Use some kind of sense of urgency in your PPC ads in your potential costumers like for example “limited offer” “stock running out”. When you were in a shop and a sales person told you they have only 1 item left, weren’t you compelled to buy it right away? Didn’t you feel that sense of urgency to purchase that product right away?That is the purpose of using sense of urgency in your PPC ads.

Draw clicks, not views. Write your PPC ads with the intention of making people to click on it. But don’t use that old lame phrase “Click Here Now”. Draw as many potential visitors as you can to your site. Design your ads and make them compelling for visitors and get clicks rather then impressions.

Always write your ad long and cut it. Start writing your ad in full sentences and than remove all the necessary words from the ad. At the end keep only the strongest words. Check the ads that are already running in PPC program and try to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Always use powerful words in your PPC ads. There is a text limit in PPC ad so use the powerful words that describe what you want to achieve with your ad. For example instead of “skilled” use “professional” and instead of “markdown” use “discount”.

Always test and experiment what works for your PPC ads. When you write a PPC ad and that PPC ad performs well, change it just a little bit and see what happens.

Only with testing and experimentation you can achieve your PPC goals. PPC is quick, effective way of advertising your products or services on the web. It is not as expensive as other types of advertising. But still it is not an easy task to do. Experiment and test your ads, keywords, ad positions all the time to be successful. You will always adjust your PPC ads because of changes in your products and services for example.

The next step is to make the click worth the visitor’s time. And that is when the landing pages come in.

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