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About our Jewelry Retouching DVD

Many clients are asking me how to take pictures of their jewelry. Here is your chance to learn how to master jewelry photography yourself. Your pictures will look like pictures from Tiffany's photography catalog. We will teach you how to select the best camera for jewelry. The DVD contains over 3 hours of video material. We have retouched over 50000 images in the past 9 years. Sometimes we have to decline customer who has really bad images.

This is your chance to take professional looking images and then we can only do minor touch ups.

Remember, having natural looking images is the key. Nowadays you see many images that has completely retouched and brushed over shanks, diamonds etc. Do you think customers will buy jewelry like that?

Maybe, but I promise you that you will triple your sales if you have good images on your site, catalogue etc.

You will get loads of jewelry photography tips. I will show jewelry systems that I personally use, and you can see samples below. Trust me, taking bad jewelry pictures can costs you thousands of dollars.

In these videos, I will clearly demonstrate everything about jewelry photography. I will show you what kind of jewelry photography lighting to use. What kind of jewelry photography props do you need. My system is simple and portable. I will tell you about what cameras are best for jewelry photography.

You will master jewelry product photography. Hurry the offer will not last long. Become a master jewelry photographer today!


Just received DVD. It rocks!!! I love it

Harold Schwartz, Munchen, Germany

This DVD will drastically improve your jewelry photography skills and results. My images are so wonderful. Before I needed all my images photoshopped, now only minor touchups are needed. I am very satisfied with results.

ARNBJÖRG GUNSEN, Stockholm, Sweden

This DVD is a must buy for every amateur photographer who wants to become a professional

Jay W., San Diego, California


    • VIDEO 1 - Introduction - 2 min 25 sec
    • VIDEO 2 - Photography theory - 28 min 56 sec
    • VIDEO 3 - Day one photoshoot - 27 min 59 sec
    • VIDEO 4 - Day one photoshoot part 2 - 15 min 06 sec
    • VIDEO 5 - Day two photoshoot with Canon DSLR part 1 - 30 min 34 sec
    • VIDEO 6 - Day two photoshoot with Canon DSLR part 2 - 3 min 28 sec
    • VIDEO 7 - Day two photoshoot with Canon DSLR part 3 - 3 min 45 sec
    • VIDEO 8 - Day two photoshoot computer screen captured- 1 hour 30 min 5 sec

    TOTAL more than 3 hour 20 minutes footage on DVD


    Detailed instructions how to shoot jewellery. Even amateurs can master jewelry photography.

    2 different camera angles plus computer screen capture, so you will really see how to make perfect photographs for your website, catalogs, posters... 3 camera sources - shot from every angle







    20 reasons you should buy this DVD:

    • I shot the DVD with two cameras at the same time. You have a thorough view from the back of the studio, and also detailed front view, that shows you exactly how to set settings on camera and position your jewelry.
    • Each section of dvd is on a separate file, so you can easily get back to that part of the dvd and learn again. You will be able to see the duration of video, and use it on your computer
    • Ipad, Iphone compatible
    • Many other lessons shot using screen capture
    • You will learn more than merely how to shoot jewelry, even though I focus only on shooting jewelry. You will get all the basic knowledge about close-up photography, or macro photography.
    • I will show you samples using two cameras. One is Nikon, and the other is Canon. Both Cameras are professional DSLR cameras.
    • I will teach you in details how to do macro photography. You will be able to use it for many other kinds of products besides jewelry, like watches, small products, toys, statues and much more.
    • You will learn everything about lenses, which lenses to buy, how to save money on buying a lens, how to use the lense.
    • Everything about the lighting, what lights I am using, how to position lights, how to properly setup the light power.
    • Learn everything about depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, f-stop or aperture, everything you need to properly take pictures.
    • How to position jewelry on the table, how to take frontal and side shots
    • More then 100 different shots shown in video, live view screen recording, pieces of high-end jewelry shot in video
    • Few sample of cheap jewelry demonstrated too
    • Get a solution based on your budget, I will give you few options
    • 6 different photo setups explained, different techniques
    • How to evaluate the proper lighting with light meter
    • How to set up the aperture to get the whole ring or jewelry item in focus.
    • How to prevent having black reflections on your jewelry
    • How to take super sharp shots and how to stabilize the camera
    • How to use software to see the immediate live view on the computer screen





    Jewelry Photography DVD



    Love the DVD, thank you, keep up the good work

    I am very happy with my purchase of this DVD, I have learned a lot, thank you. My jewelry pictures look way better now then before


    Thank you for making this DVD, even though the price was a little expensive, I am really happy with the purchase. I learned a lot about jewelry photography, how to use the right strobes, camera settings, how to place jewelry, which camera to use etc.

    I learned so much new stuff about jewelry photography, it is just amazing. And Jackson was always available via email. Support is great guys.

    I did not expect to learn so much from this DVD, it is really good.

    Love both dvds, I learned a lot, guys you should check also the retouching dvd, which is a it....

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