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How would you like to have professionally retouched images ready to be published in a magazine, website, personal portfolio, etc. It is so simple, check our samples below and just give us a call or send us an email.

We are offering professional Model Fashion Retouching. We offer a high end face model retouching for clients. We are already working with several clients, the biggest one is Maxim. I will post here many samples, before after samples so you can see how different are retouched images from originals.

We try to keep retouching minimal. We don't want to over retouch images, that look disastrous. If you check several high end magazines, the pictures are sometimes absurd, they just brush over every single face blemish. Or just brush over the entire skin.


click on image to zoom in

In this picture, we did several things:

  • we improved skin tone
  • removed all skin defects
  • enhanced eye color
  • added reflection to the eyes
  • trimmed eyebrows
  • added lashes
  • enhanced lip color
  • used special skin texture - no brushing over!

What we do is we use special skin texture, we even trim eyebrows, enhance eye color, add reflection in the eyes. Final pictures look just amazing. We focus on each spot on the face, we don't just brush over with Photoshop brush. One picture can take 1 - 3 hours to complete.

Give us a chance, you won't be disappointed.


in this picture we retouch the following:

  • removed each blemish, skin defect, pimple
  • enhanced skin
  • added face shadow
  • enhanced eye color
  • trim eyebrows
  • removed hair from the face.
  • clean her teeth, added missing tooth
  • added shadow to nose and face
  • enhanced overall color


And another example of a high end model retouching. As you can see the retouching is moderate, magazine type. The images are not overretouched. When we edit the image, we keep all the original details. We don't like our images to look fake and plastic.

We retouched the following:

  • face texture, removed all the blemishes, pimples, make the skin smoother but not plastic!
  • increased the hair volume
  • make the eyes sparkle









Contact us if you need retouching services. 


Fantastic work Jackson. Really amazing images. I have received 20 shots for our posters, the images are just astonishing. Thank you so much. Jessica

great work, how much you charge per photo?

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