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Best underrated SEO techniques of 2017

  • using github pages for SEO is very possible. You can easily rank them in Google. You can get them to number 1, for very competitive keywords and with almost none link building.
  • It’s possible to get back links The Harvard H2O Playlist Beta project lets users register an account and make a “Playlist” which points to a custom link

How To Get Twitter Followers Quick Automatically

Go to a twitter account you would like users to subscribe, click on their followers, then use this

To scroll down the page put this into console


setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); }, 2000);



Then to follow users use this code


Jewelry Photography Retouching

We have been using our jewellery retouching techniques for over 10 years. You can see the results on our jewelry retouching page. The only jewelry retouching software we used was Adobe Photoshop. Nothing else was used. If you have good quality raw images of jewelry, you don’t need to spend hours on each piece.

Ultimate footprint collection for .edu one way links

This is the list that works. You just copy and paste each line into browser's url box.

Let's examine their first example: "forums register". This means that the Google will display only websites with .edu domains that contain a word forums register. That means that we're targeting forums, where we can register, to get back links, and we only want domains, that end with .edu.
So this is a huge list of all the footprints that I'm using, and stop saying that getting .edu link is hard.

How to create dropbox link

Here is a great way how to create dropbox link. Sometimes you just want to download images from some other person dropbox. You do not have to share contacts, you just send them this link and they just downloading it to their dropbox. Very easy...

So double click on dropbox tray icon, then the widnows opens up with all the folders that are inside your dropbox. So right click on folder you want to share and click copy dropbox link. 

How To Add Date Filter To Drupal Views


So here I had a big dilemma, how to add a date filter to filter the content in my views... This is perfect in case you have installed views bulk operations.....That way you can quickly edit multiple selected nodes on the fly. So I wanted to edit all the nodes that were published in lets say February 2015.... I needed to filter them by date, otherwise I would have like 1000 different nodes to work on....

I will post few screenshots so you will see what I did. 

One option is to create two date fields, one is minimum field and one is maximum field. 

How To Do Joomla To Drupal Migration Export Import 2015

joomla to drupal migration

I just migrated this site from Joomla 1.5 to Drupal 7. I am done with Joomla, it is really awkward. It still is not 100 % seo compliant. And that bothers me a lot. 

IN this video you can see how I extracted all the articles from Joomla, they are neatly packed in the database table, then I imported that data to excel and later on imported all the articles to my Drupal site. 

How to prevent seach engine to index your subdomains

I was so pissed with my host that this could happen. I am not talking about preventing the Google and other seach engine to index our subdomain if we want it to. 

For example we could have a subdomain like this and we want the search engine to index this. So google bot comes and index all pages inside that subdomain for example

How to remove annoying circles in Wacom Pen Tablets Windows 8


These circles around the pen are super annoying. They slow down the pen, in fact the whole process of retouching is slowed down. I have bamboo tablet and sometimes it really sucks. THe drivers are never working perfectly. 

But this is a fix for annoying cricles that pop up each time you press button on wacom pen, use brush etc

You need to use regedit

How to change specific links in Wordpress theme footer


I was so annoyed installing genesis framework child theme and it had a hard coded footer pointing to Studiopress site.

I really don’w want to give away the link juice just like that and I even paid for the theme.

So I was looking around and almost everybody suggested to insert this code into functions.php file


A lot of people will loose their job because of Penguin 2.0

With Google penguin 2 update a lot of people will lose their job or already have. We all receive spam emails everyday from India, China etc. offering us supreme SEO services. All these people will lost their jobs. I mean I receive thousand of emails offering SEO services from India.