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Jewelry Photography Retouching

We have been using our jewellery retouching techniques for over 10 years. You can see the results on our jewelry retouching page. The only jewelry retouching software we used was Adobe Photoshop. Nothing else was used. If you have good quality raw images of jewelry, you don’t need to spend hours on each piece.

How To Do Joomla To Drupal Migration Export Import 2015

joomla to drupal migration

I just migrated this site from Joomla 1.5 to Drupal 7. I am done with Joomla, it is really awkward. It still is not 100 % seo compliant. And that bothers me a lot. 

IN this video you can see how I extracted all the articles from Joomla, they are neatly packed in the database table, then I imported that data to excel and later on imported all the articles to my Drupal site.