Jewelry Retouching

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Jewelry Photography Retouching

We have been using our jewellery retouching techniques for over 10 years. You can see the results on our jewelry retouching page. The only jewelry retouching software we used was Adobe Photoshop. Nothing else was used. If you have good quality raw images of jewelry, you don’t need to spend hours on each piece.

Jewelry Retouching -How to?

I need to write you some tips, but I can't reveal all the secrets. I use latest photoshop CS6. That is it. No 3d programs, in fact 3D rendering programs usually look very fake. 

YOu need to get good images. At least the stones need to be somewhat decent. You can send shank usually, but if the stones are messed up, then you have a problem. 

YOu need to learn how to cutout the jewelry first. That means using the good old pen tool. Nothing else is as accurate as pen tool in Photoshop.

Jewelry Retouching - Removing Scratches In Under 1 Minute From Precious Stones, Diamonds

Here is a quick video of one of our tips on our Jewelry Retouching DVD. With this technique you will be able to remove all scratches, dust, and other artifacts from jewerly in no time. 

Or you can use the old clone tool and spend hours to remove each dust, scratch from stones. 

In this video you can see before and after retouch. It took me only 20 seconds to retouch this piece. I could spend over 1 hour if I would be using the clone tool.



Jewelry Retouching DVD Sample

I am constanly adding new videos to our Jewelry Cleaning DVD Tutorial. The latest example is the wonderfula white gold diamond ring. I cleaned it and all the retouching is in video 8 on our DVD.

You get also PSD of the fils, that means photoshop file with all the steps on separate layers.

You can do exactly how I do it.

Here is before and after.

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Retouched vs. Unretouched Jewery Images

Here is a beautiful sample of photohoped and non photoshoped jewelry image. Do you know that a perfectly retouched image can double or triple your sales?

Our client Joe V. has an online jewelry store. He sells around 2000 diamond pieces, everything from an engagement rings, bridal sets, anniversary, fancy diamonds, etc....

Jewelry Retouching DVD - Learn How To Retouch Your Jewelry Images

Finally, after so many requests our DVD is ready. After you purchase it, you can download it from our site. We packed the DVD with retouching tips, step by step Photoshop instructions. It does not matter if you never opened the Photoshop in your life. You will be able to become expert Jewelry Retoucher. In our videos, we will show you exactly how we do retouching. We will show you all our retouching tricks.