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Jewelry Retouching -How to?

I need to write you some tips, but I can't reveal all the secrets. I use latest photoshop CS6. That is it. No 3d programs, in fact 3D rendering programs usually look very fake. 

YOu need to get good images. At least the stones need to be somewhat decent. You can send shank usually, but if the stones are messed up, then you have a problem. 

YOu need to learn how to cutout the jewelry first. That means using the good old pen tool. Nothing else is as accurate as pen tool in Photoshop.

Penguin 2 Update - Google Dictator?

People are freaking out, at least 60% of sites were hit by Penguin update. Matt Cutts is eating too many burgers I think, that has affected his mind. I mean Google is punishing any little site that was authority sites few days ago just because it has few links from spam comments, that could be the result of the competition. 

It is really easy to wipe our entire competition now, by building spam links. The you wait for Penguin 3, or maybe they will call it Giraffe 1. Google really took a nazi approach. We will destroy all sites and ruin people's earning.

Google went completely insane after last update

I don't know what is going on with Google, but that is not normal. I was checking several authority sites ranking for popular keywords. They were completely wiped out. They can't be found anywhere. And these sites had authority links, were really great sites with superb information for specific topic. 

They were wiped out and replaced by new sites that have bogus info on the same subject. I mean Google is compeltely inssane. That has never happened before. I see this behavior for the last 6 days and it ain't Google dance. 

Jewelry Retouching - Removing Scratches In Under 1 Minute From Precious Stones, Diamonds

Here is a quick video of one of our tips on our Jewelry Retouching DVD. With this technique you will be able to remove all scratches, dust, and other artifacts from jewerly in no time. 

Or you can use the old clone tool and spend hours to remove each dust, scratch from stones. 

In this video you can see before and after retouch. It took me only 20 seconds to retouch this piece. I could spend over 1 hour if I would be using the clone tool.

Enjoy must be the most horrible host that I have ever dealt with


I had to upload a site on this host. I call their support number, talked with a woman support tech, (here comes the trouble. I was feeling it in my bones). She was a complete newbie.

She did not know how to export mysql database. Her knowledge was like almost zero. Every time I asked her something, she immediately told me that they don't offer such extensive support.

I mean, she did not even know what Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress is?


Kawasaki Ninja 2013 Photoshop Composition

I am happy to announce that our composition was accepted by Kawasaki team and also paid for. We used stock images of kawasaki motorbike, and the rest are all parts that fit in. The background, sea, cliff, woman are all separate images carefully joined into this beautiful Photoshop composition.

I love Kawasaki btw



Compositing in Adobe Photoshop - New Sports Poster

Here is our new Photoshop compositing sports poster for a major Thai boxing event in Bangkok Thailand. We used many stock images and put them together in one big poster. The original pictures had to be darkened, HDR toned, of course we needed to cut them out from the background, especially the fighter.

Photoshop compositing is very popular right now, even more than retouching. It contains of course basic elements of retouching, but it is much more than that.

How To Import Or Export Database Through SSH With Putty


A designer sometimes comes across the problem, where the database is too large to be imported through phpmyadmin. Phpmyadmin allows usually only maximum 50M database size. If your database is larger than that, you can use putty.

It is a small program, similar to dos, looks very old, but it works.

I have to post some notes about this process, because it isn't easy. You need to download putty program, and also enable SSH on your host account, talk to host support, they will help you out. 

Then just use these commands inside putty.

Jewelry Retouching And Photography Tips And Techniques Revealed For The First Time In History


Have you ever discovered something so great that you wanted to tell everyone and help them get rich?

Perhaps it was a diet that helped you lose weight or a gizmo that saved you time?

Well, that's how I've felt about our best-selling  DVDs. 

The tools I have will completely change your business and of course personal life.

We did a study of a jewelry company three years ago. They averaged about 10000 unique visitors per month that were interested to buy jewelry, but the sales were not good at all.

Dropbox Versus Sugarsync - Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Sugarsync 5 GB Free Storage


I just tested SugarSync for the past two days, and I must say it's wonderful. It can completely replace your dropbox. I needed more space to share some files with my friends and my dropbox was almost full, so I needed another solution.

SugarSync free 5 gb online storage

First reason

The Camera I Recommend For Jewelry Photography Is

You know how important it is to have the perfect jewellery images on your site.

Imagine this scenario, similar price, similar diamond ring, similar specs, first site has a horrible image of the diamond ring and the second site has a great-looking  image of the diamond ring.

Which site will generate more sales, if they both receive same amount of traffic?

Of course the second one.