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Drupal 7

I am testing Drupal 7, looks good, got some new themes by default, but the funny thing is they look same as old ones, with new names. Then I haven't seen much new stuff by default install, they said that CCK will be integrated into Drupal. I haven't seen that yet.

Virtual Server XAMPP - Amazing tool


I am using this XAMPP, strange name I agree and hard to remember. I used to use WAMP, but I prefer XAMPP now. It is a simple apache, mysql on your pc. If you need to test your site, before uploading to main server, you can test it on your pc.

Very nice tool. I am just testing DRUPAL 7. Getting gray hair with upgrading from drupal 6 to 7.


Jewelry Retouching DVD Sample

I am constanly adding new videos to our Jewelry Cleaning DVD Tutorial. The latest example is the wonderfula white gold diamond ring. I cleaned it and all the retouching is in video 8 on our DVD.

You get also PSD of the fils, that means photoshop file with all the steps on separate layers.

You can do exactly how I do it.

Here is before and after.

Buy the How to retouch Jewelry DVD here

Model Retouching


How would you like to have professionally retouched images ready to be published in a magazine, website, personal portfolio, etc. It is so simple, check our samples below and just give us a call or send us an email.

We are offering professional Model Fashion Retouching. We offer a high end face model retouching for clients. We are already working with several clients, the biggest one is Maxim. I will post here many samples, before after samples so you can see how different are retouched images from originals.

Facebook Marketing – Get Targeted Traffic From Facebook

We have decided to start offering Facebook marketing services to our clients. It takes months for individual to gather 3000 targeted friends.

That is why we are offering this service.

For 1000 $ we are giving you 2000 targeted Facebook friends. We will use your existing Facebook account or create a new one.
All friends are targeted traffic, coming from targeted groups. So they will be interested in your products.
We have tested our method. It is bullet proof.

So here is the price plan.

How to assign custom CSS class for individual block in Drupal

This might be usefull for anyone who wants to improve their Drupal theme. By default it is really hard to assign the class or id to individual blocks.

The solution is here

This is a great module, when you enable it you can see a special box under each block, where you can add a name of that class. But you neeed to overrode the default block.tpl file.

Add this snippet to your theme's block.tpl.php file (see detailed instructions below):

Using Multiple Skype Programs On 1 Computer


Wow, this is sweet, I have different clients, and I just needed multiple Skype programs. I needed 2 skype user open, for example user 1 and user 2, each user has different contacts, different phone numbers......

Ok you understand right?

So here is how I did the trick. Remember use this info step by step.

Skype Version 4.0

With version 4.0, Skype has added a new switch for supporting multiple users on a single PC. The following steps would show how to create a new shortcut for starting a new Skype instance with a different Skype user account.

Retouched vs. Unretouched Jewery Images

Here is a beautiful sample of photohoped and non photoshoped jewelry image. Do you know that a perfectly retouched image can double or triple your sales?

Our client Joe V. has an online jewelry store. He sells around 2000 diamond pieces, everything from an engagement rings, bridal sets, anniversary, fancy diamonds, etc....

How to reset Photoshop preferences


This is a superb tip, sometimes the Photoshop gets messed up so you need to reset it. Here is how you do it.

  1. First, hold down all three Ctrl+Alt+Shift buttons
  2. Now "while keeping those button held," simply open Photoshop or a file that opens with Photoshop
  3. As Photoshop loads, you should get a prompt asking if you would like to "delete the Photoshop settings file", Click yes

You should now have a fresh slate with all of the settings returned to their default.

Stuck With Hand Icon / Tool in Photoshop CS3?


This is so annoying and it happened from time to time in Photoshop CS3. I tried to restart CS3, did not help. Then I've read somewhere you have to reset all warnings.

So you go to Edit > Preferences > General > Reset all warning dialogs.

However, now I am not sure, if the reset did the trick or both reset + restart of Photoshop. So next time you are in trouble try this.

Some people report that restart reset and pressing space bar helped.



What our clients said:

We are very pleased to work with The retouched images look astonishing

Mike Weir, Miami, USA
We have been working with Seoandwebdesign for the past 4 years. They have retouched over 3000 images. The support and quality is just out of this world.

Karen Johnson, Los Angeles

Jewelry Retouching DVD - Learn How To Retouch Your Jewelry Images

Finally, after so many requests our DVD is ready. After you purchase it, you can download it from our site. We packed the DVD with retouching tips, step by step Photoshop instructions. It does not matter if you never opened the Photoshop in your life. You will be able to become expert Jewelry Retoucher. In our videos, we will show you exactly how we do retouching. We will show you all our retouching tricks.