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First Public Shot From Our Jewelry Photo DVD

It took me 1 minute to postprocess the image in Photoshop. Only 1 minute. The image is so high quality that the photoshop was practically not needed. THis is perfect for posters, website images. You can cut out or retouch images, but you don't need to. 

You can use only minor touchups that you can learn in our Jewelry Retouching DVD of course. 

Wedding Photoshop Retouching


Here is a married couple that I just retouched. The original photos were overyl saturated. The red color was too strong. 

Wedding retouching requires special retouching skills. You have to retouch subtle. People don't want to look like puppets with plastic skin. 

So first I removed the yellow from teeth and whiten them. Next I smoothen the skin imrpoved the color, desaturated the reds in skin a bit. Then I removed tatoo from a wedding girl. Also I retouched and patched missing hair, removed tartar from teeth, decrease gaps between teeth, repaired chipped tooth.

Best Adsense Alternative - Beware Of Adbrite


Briefly I used adbrite ads on my site. The support is just horendous. You get a reply maybe in a week. But that is not the worse thing. People told me that they got trojan warnings after they visited my site. And that the full page ads from adbrite are just messing up their browser. 

For a well known company Adbrite to act this way, is a very stupid move. They don't care? Maybe they got too many customers. 

I suggest you stop using this lousy company. 

2012 Fresh List Of 2.0 Blogs - Free Backlinks

I am posting a fresh updated list of blogs, freshly updated. Check it out. You can start building your lnk imperium. You can do it in the house or even better, outsource it. That way you can save time and probably money too.

Here is the list in text and then the picture of all blogs. Start juicing it..... Start building your link presence with the new blog list. This can help you rank and outrank competition quickly. Of course if you aren't targeting the most popular niches. In that case you need our help ;)

Drupal Ubercart Ultimate DVD Guide


Ultimate Drupal Ubercart DVD Guide is available

We are proud to present new Drupal & Ubercart Complete DVD Guide. Learn how to make a shop without paying a nickel to your designer.

Over 3 hours of content. You will be able to build a fully functional UBERCART DRUPAL 6 E-COMMERCE STORE. You will be able to build an advanced ubercart store.

Exporting, editing the mysql table and importing it back to database - With Excel

First go to mysql and select your table for example I am using uc_products table. that is used in Drupal Ubercart site. 

You just click on export and select 

Then you open the file in excel, and edit the data, remember, don't change how the rows are sorted, if you do that, put everything back like it was. 

Drupal Is The King Of All Cms Systems – Joomla, Wordpress Drop-dead Please

drupal-king1Drupal was again the best and correct choice for a new site. I had to build a new site, this time ecommerce site and I did not know what to pick, I thought Magento would do the trick, but it is rigid and not so much flexible.

But drupal just blew me away. 100 % satisfaction!!

I have successfully migrated Zencart to Drupal E-Commerce Site

It was not an easy task. The Zencart site just gave up. It was a jewelry E-commerce site, that had many errors. We had to go into database, export all the tables, and create a cvs file in excel.

Excel was a great help. Mainly, I used VLOOKUP command to sort the fields that are dependent on other fields.

When I had all the fields in one excel file, I simply used node import to import it to Drupal Ubercart.

If you need to migrate your site from an outdated Zencart, Os-commerce Online store, give us a call. 

Craiglist Ultimate Posting Ebook Guide


Would you like to post 50, 100 or even more ads per day on craigslist?

It is possible. With this ebook, you will become a posting expert in Craigslist.

  • We will teach you how to setup a system that will allow you to post from different craigslist accounts. There is a lot of competition in craigslist. So every competitor can flag your post and get your ads removed.
  • You will learn how to beat your competition.
  • You will be able to post at least 50 ads per day on craigslist TESTED!.
  • You will conquer the Craiglist traffic in few days

Top Five Social Bookmarking Sites That Can Drive Massive Traffic To Your Site

Every site these days need traffic. Traffic from social bookmarking sites is a great alternative to organic search engine optimization, traffic. Every blogger has a list of their favorite social bookmarking site. You probably have your own list social bookmarking sites.

Using the best social bookmarking sites can save you money and time. Spending time and bookmarking your site on a bad social bookmarking sites is a waste of time and money.

Using the criteria like Google page rank, number of inbound links, Alexa rank, here are the top five social bookmarking sites.

XAMPP Ultimate Guide


I am fed up with this XAMPP. I have to research forum each time I start to using it again.

So here is my personal little guide, that will help you set it up in minutes.

First just download the files. You can choose 32 bit version even if you run 64 bit WIN 7.

Just install it, dont tick any of the services boxes.

Then double click on xampp tray icon and enable apache and mysql.


If apache does not want to start, shutdown your skype, because skype is using same port 80.