Photoshop Creations

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On this page I will show you some of my examples made in photoshop CS2. Wait till the pictures load. I also used the animated gifs to better show you what can be done with Photoshop.


This is a great product presentation, for jewelry, watches, bikes, cars. What I did is put the gradient at the back (0 0 0 20% and 0 0 0 60 %), make a white circle, blur it, duplicate half of the background, drag it down, and make a motor bike flipped reflection.



Before And After With Artificial Tatoos


Garfield Biker
Garfield Biker - made from custom parts


 snoop shizzle fizzle drizzle

Snoop after photoshizzle retouchizzle






Always Hot Pamela



Shania Twain black and white photo
Shania Twain black and white photo



pamela anderson in 2020
Pamela Anderson aged



Army Turtle - BTW Army Sucks!!!
Army Turtle






photoshop retouching art
War Of The Worlds Photoshop


pamela vampirella retouch
Pamela Anderson Photoshop Retouched

gordon ramsey

I like Ramsey's show. I think it is the best one. He might be related to Gary Busey, but here is my contribution to all the sufferers that smelled the devil in person


cucumber watermelon photoshop

Playing with vegetables in Photoshop.

orange, pineaple and kiwi

Using Photoshop warp, masking. Would you eat this fruit?

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